Hello, I am going to try and say something once a week and see if I can't get these websites to talk to each other.
Today is Feburary 14 2011 Valentines Day.  I have to go to school to Help with Cheyann Party, but I would Like to send out Hearts and Love to all my Friends on in Cyber space.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.
I received Roses and a very nice card from my husband.  I got him a coin counter he saves all his changes and once a month takes it to the bank to see how much he has. Now he will know before he goes down to the bank, in case the computers off line.

Well today my biggest grip is the JUNK mail everyone gets is the email.. and how do strange people get your email address anyway.  I wish someone could invent a software to report all these thieves that get into your address book and send mail to your friends in your name it is really shameful to me.  I don't want anything that makes certain body part get bigger, and if I want a bigtime tonight it will be with my husband not some one I don't know on the internet,  I don't want to find out who my match is I am married and not looking for one.  You can't get these junk mails to stop hounding you.

So if anyone knows something to stop them please let me know, the trouble with that if I don't know you I probably will delete because I am to afraid of what I might see if I open it.  I have seen some strange thing.

I wish you all a Great Valentines Day. See Ya next week. Cherie

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